Ronald Belczyk, DPM

Dr. Belczyk discovered Oxnard when attending a family outing at Mandalay Beach. The tranquility of its landscape and diversity of its community which he could relate to. He became aware of a hard-working community that suffered from multiple foot injuries, in particular, the weekend warrior at the beach and diabetic foot ulcers from working in the fields. He had many patients traveling from the area to my practice in Los Angeles in search for alternative solutions. As a specialist in the field of foot and ankle surgery he felt that building a clinic would create a bridge for our services to my existing patients. The opportunity to provide patients with easier access and continued personalization of care made sense to me. Our primary focus is diabetic limb salvage and wound care but also provide treatments to a variety foot injuries and ailments. 0ur physicians are dedicated to treating feet and finding solutions to helping patients heal.

Renee Shepherd, DPM AAFAS

Dr. Renée Shepherd, DPM AAFAS, was born and raised in West Virginia where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Bethany College WV. During those years she found her love for foot and ankle surgery and then attended Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. After graduating with her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree, she did her three-year surgical residency at Heritage Valley Beaver, outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Shepherd is a fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon who is well rounded in forefoot and rearfoot surgeries with diversity including diabetic limb salvage/reconstruction, sports medicine, and trauma. She has been affiliated with hospital’s wound care centers and orthopedic practice. As a former college athlete, and sports fanatic, she has a special interest in orthopedic sports medicine with dedication to getting her patients back to their goals in life. She has publications in scientific journals and presented at national conferences. She continues to dedicate time towards research and education, allowing her to offer the most up to date and innovative podiatric practices there are to offer.

Alex Dawoodian, DPM

Dr. Alex Dawoodian DPM grew up in Burbank California. From a young age developed a fond interest in medicine and patient care. Like many medical professionals, medicine was a calling that he answered and began his journey with a sense of curiosity and passion. When visiting doctor’s office, he always had an inquisitive mind and would absorb his surroundings and ask physicians various questions about his or her field. Growing up, he volunteeredatlocal hospitals in high school and would shadow different physicians from various specialties assisting with their daily tasks. After graduating high school, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine. During his preparation to enter medical school, Dr. Dawoodian participated in cancer research at California State University of Los Angeles and would continue to volunteer at free health clinics in primary medicine gaining valuable exposure. It was then he was exposed to podiatric medicine while encountering many foot and ankle ailments that were troubling to many patients. He began shadowing various podiatrists in the area and was amazed by the variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques that the field of podiatry had to offer. After finding his path in medicine, Dr. Dawoodian completed his medical education at Western University of Health Sciences earning his degree in Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.Upon graduation, he completed his surgical residency of foot and ankle reconstruction at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio. Throughout his time in residency Dr. Dawoodian developed an interest in diabetic limb salvage and reconstruction and enveloped countless hours in various surgical techniques that would offer tools to help with complex limb threatening diseases. After completing residency, Dr. Dawoodian completed a fellowship in diabetic limb salvage with the Center of Foot Surgery under the direction of Dr. Ronald Belczyk DPM. Now, Dr. Dawoodian practices in multiple hospitals in southern California serving the community with all types of foot and ankle issues.