This fracture from weakening bones can initially be undetected due to neuropathy. Immediate treatment is required to save the foot from amputation.

Wound Care

Healing complex wounds through wound debridement, skin graft surgery, flap surgery, and negative pressure wound therapy.

Revisional Foot and
Ankle Surgery

Surgery that is performed to correct a prior procedure that has failed or resulted in complications.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A treatment that exposes the body to 100% oxygen, promoting complex wound healing at a much quicker rate.

Common Ulcerations

Non-healing ulcers should be assessed for cause and treated promptly. Common types include diabetic, venous stasis, arterial, and pressure ulcers.

Foot & Ankle Trauma

Trauma that occurs from various types of injury and requires treatment.

Foot & Ankle Deformity

A foot and ankle deformity is an acquired or birth originated malformation that can limit activities of daily life or cause pain if not treated.


This serious bone infection can occur from bacteria or fungus that enters an open wound or through the bloodstream from other infected areas.